Agnovi offers compliance investigation case management software to assist regulatory compliance officers in managing tips, complaints and investigations. Our software is helping investigators in the following areas:

How Agnovi Software is Improving Compliance Investigation Case Management

Decreased funding and diminishing resources means that regulatory compliance officers face great difficulty managing cases involving non-compliance, illegal activity and malpractice. Officers must also adhere to the strict confines of due process and organizational standards so public confidence is upheld. Agnovi regulatory compliance case management software improves investigative practices and reduces resource requirements by:

  • Assisting with prioritization of investigations
  • Enforcing a systematic approach that reduces errors and increases efficiency
  • Creating a centralized system to enter all data related to infringement, accessible by authorized parties to enhance collaborative efforts
  • Identifying duplicate information and repeat offenses
  • Improving case management from tips to investigation, including automated report generation for law enforcement
  • Increasing the speed and accuracy of investigations
  • Strengthening prosecutorial efforts

Our compliance investigation user community includes states, provinces, and federal agencies in North America and abroad.