Enterprise Investigation Software

X-FIRE™ (pronounced "crossfire") is Agnovi’s best-in-class investigative case management software for law enforcement and police. Designed with the investigator in mind, X-FIRE is the top tool available to support major investigations.

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Small Team Investigation Software

REX™ was designed for small teams of police and law enforcement requiring easy-to-use software for managing investigation and intelligence information. Easily document, search and report law enforcement activities and subjects (people, places, things).

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Training And Consulting Services

Agnovi training specialists use proven concepts to teach investigators how to effectively use Agnovi solutions. Agnovi IT experts have extensive experience with integration, configuration and data transfer services as they relate to our product line.

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Agnovi provides Law Enforcement Case Management Database Software solutions to help police and law enforcement agencies across the United States and Canada gather, store, sort, access and analyze investigative information, improving efficiency and revealing new perspectives.

We also offer integration, customization and data transfer services as they relate to our product line.

Innovative Solutions for Law Enforcement Investigations and IntelligenceTM

Agnovi provides best-in-class, innovative solutions for incident, investigation and intelligence management with robust platforms that increase efficiencies and maximize allocated resources. Learn more about the solutions offered for the following investigation business lines:

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X-FIRE supports large investigative bodies requiring advanced workflow, sophisticated communications and business intelligence

REX is a lower-cost alternative for small investigative teams

Capabilities X-FIRE REX
Manage Investigations and Intelligence Probes
Document Entities
Document Investigative Events
Visual Relationship Charts
Visual Timeline Charts
Sophisticated Searching
Advanced Usage Auditing
Data Retention Management
User and Contact Management
Out-of-the-Box Configuration
Auto-generated Case, Entity and Event Reports  
Ad-hoc Data Extraction (for data quality, analytics and sharing)  
Auto-populated Document Templates  
Advanced Workflow Support
Metrics, Pattern and Trend Analysis
Time, Expense and Asset Tracking
Major Case Management Methodology Support
E-mail Notification
*Advanced Incident Module for Tips and Complaints
*Advanced Evidence Module for Continuity Tracking
*REX supports incident and evidence handling in a streamlined fashion

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