X-FIREā„¢ Major Case Management Software was developed using the Major Case Management methodology taught at the Canadian Police College and practiced by Law Enforcement organizations worldwide.

Using X-FIRE, members of the Command Triangle (Team Commander, Primary Investigator and File Coordinator) control the speed, flow and direction of investigations while promoting:

  • Investigative best practices
  • Investigator accountability
  • Successful case disclosure
  • Resolution

Software Improves Major Case Management Processes

Agnovi works with various high-profile investigative agencies that adopted X-FIRE to support their strict Major Case Management activities. X-FIRE is ideal for major crime investigations including homicide and officer involved incidents causing bodily harm, where the intense pressure and scrutiny of the investigations leaves no room for error. With the rigid structure of major case management methodology built into this software, data management and analysis allows maximum solvability through:

  • Controlling the speed, flow and direction of investigations
  • Ensuring investigator accountability and exhibit continuity
  • Coordinating and controlling disclosure of case documentation
  • Guaranteeing efficient and effective investigate operations

Agnovi offers purpose-driven case management software designed to:

  • Maximize the value of the data collected during investigations
  • Reduce errors
  • Simplify collaboration so law enforcement can focus on solving cases

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