Agnovi’s Internal Affairs Software, X-FIRE, is designed to help impartial units, agencies and civilian review boards who investigate officer-involved incidents. The robust digital platform supports the entire investigations lifecycle from the initial incident or complaint through to full court disclosure. With an emphasis on investigator accountability, transparency and effective investigative operations, Agnovi’s Internal Affairs Software provides our clients with a solution designed to improve the oversight of officers.

Professional Standards Units Depend on Agnovi’s Internal Affairs Software

Agnovi’s Internal Affairs Software, X-FIRE, has been helping professional standards units, and independent investigation units, with officer-involved incident investigations since 2009. Created with the investigator in mind, the software provides a powerful yet easy-to-use platform that investigators can use to build solid cases. Agnovi’s X-FIRE is currently being used to investigate:

  • Use of force causing bodily harm or death
  • Public complaints received against officers, on or off duty
  • Officers who have contravened the law
  • Professional misconduct
  • Corruption

Agnovi’s Internal Affairs Investigation Software:

  • Provides impartial investigative bodies with a software solution to assist in the fair and professional oversight in the investigation of officer-involved incidents
  • Simplifies collaborative efforts
  • Can be used in a command and control environment
  • Leverages data collected during investigations
  • Saves time and money when disclosing case findings
  • Promotes investigative best practices
  • Improves efficiency for better results

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