Investigation and Criminal Intelligence Database Software

X-FIRE Lite™ is easy-to-use and affordable.

X-FIRE Lite was designed with small teams of police and law enforcement in mind. Its easy-to-use interface helps you manage investigation and intelligence information. You can easily document, search and report law enforcement activities (e.g. statements, tactical operations) and subjects (e.g. suspects, offenders, informants, places and things).

X-FIRE Lite includes a relational database for storing structured investigative information, advanced searching and instant collaboration. Other X-FIRE Lite benefits include scalability, attachment support, report generation, Web-based, security and more…

Investigative Software Interface     Investigative Software Timeline

Capabilities X-FIRE Lite
Manage Investigations and Intelligence Probes
Document Entities and Investigative Events
Visual Relationship and Timeline Charts
Sophisticated Searching
Investigation Tasking
Advanced Usage Auditing and Data Retention Management
User and Contact Management
Out-of-the-Box Configuration
Auto-generated Case, Entity and Event Reports
Metrics, Pattern and Trend Analysis
Ad-hoc Data Extraction (for data quality, analytics, sharing)
E-mail Notification and Auto-populated Document Templates
Advanced Incident Module (for tracking reports, tips, complaints)
Advanced Evidence Module (for continuity and location tracking)
Advanced Workflow Support
Time, Expense and Asset Tracking
Major Case Management Methodology Support
X-FIRE Lite supports incident and evidence handling in a streamlined fashion


Software Demo

This historical X-FIRE Demo depicts features also available in X-FIRE Lite (excluding advanced evidence handling).
Agnovi provides live, tailored, comprehensive demonstrations upon request.