Crimes and criminals are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced. As a result, the amount of information you gather during investigations and intelligence probes is growing. Agnovi’s intuitive criminal intelligence database software is designed specifically to suit criminal intelligence management needs. It provides a centralized repository allowing police and law enforcement to track and investigate:

  • Collusive criminal organizations
  • Gangs, drug and graffiti rings
  • Confidential informants
  • Suspects
  • Offenders and more

Why Your Organization Should Invest in Our Criminal Intelligence Database Software

Agnovi’s criminal intelligence database software will help you improve efficiency and increase criminal activity awareness while keeping associated costs down. By using our software you will be able to:

  • Track, analyze, and investigate criminal organizations
  • Record data and identify patterns, connections and trends
  • Leverage intelligence information with the click of a button
  • Search subjects by name, identification, and physical description
  • Adhere to storage and dissemination guidelines for intelligence data including 28 CFR Part 23
  • Easily manage database retention of entities and files
  • Reduce the time spent recording information, allowing you to focus on tactical intelligence operations
  • Guarantee efficient and effective intelligence operations