Agnovi software supports health and safety compliance tracking and investigations.

Currently, Agnovi software is being used to track COVID-19 outbreaks among members within a public safety setting.

Case Tracking Software by Agnovi for COVID-19

To assist in battling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during this pandemic, Agnovi recommends our on-premise investigative case management software to help track infected members, their contacts, and outbreak locations.

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Police Software Used by Hong Kong Government to Fight SARS

In 2003, the Hong Kong Government successfully deployed the HK Police’s Major Incident Investigation and Disaster Support System (MIIDSS) in their fight against SARS.

Agnovi investigative case management software, like MIIDSS, can be used to track infected members, outbreak locations, and member contact events. Our solutions are proven tools in investigation management and tracking.

Your COVID-19 Task Force can deploy proven investigation software in the fight against the novel coronavirus within your organization.

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