Compliance investigators throughout North America are using X-FIRE to help manage compliance, audit and enforcement of fuel, gasoline, tobacco, and transportation tax revenue streams.

Benefits of X-FIRE for Revenue Investigators

Using X-FIRE, revenue inspectors, auditors and investigators can:

  • Attach relevant documents to case files
  • Search the system to identify repeat offenders
  • Create reports for program management and prosecution
  • Capture details on issued fines for offenses under various tax laws
  • Generate statistical reports pertaining to revenue offenses in a specified period
  • Store tips and complaints pertaining to potential tax evasion, easily promoting initial tip (including complainant details) to an investigation file

X-FIRE Uses within Revenue Enforcement

Revenue enforcement bodies are currently using X-FIRE to manage investigations involving:

  • Non-compliance to various tax laws
  • Non-payment of required taxes
  • Laid charges and penalties
  • Seized illicit or untaxed products (e.g. tobacco, alcohol)
  • Issued tickets for offenses under various tax laws
  • Failure to provide mandatory documentation and reports
  • The sale or delivery of revenue products without the required permits
  • The misuse of tax-exempt products
  • Filing fraudulent refunds

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