Now, more than ever, environmental protection agencies need advanced software systems to help track and investigate environmental infractions. They are challenged by constantly changing regulatory policies while working to protect our natural resources including land, air, wildlife, and marine ecosystems.

Benefits of X-FIRE for Environmental Protection

Agnovi’s Environmental Compliance Case Management Software, X-FIRE, is a sophisticated case management tool. X-FIRE can help make the investigation process easier by:

  • Highlighting patterns and trends pertaining to non-compliant organizations and individuals
  • Providing an easier way to disclose and track investigative information for prosecution or disciplinary action
  • Making it easier to track the progress of enforcement and investigative activities over time
  • Helping to more efficiently and effectively manage investigative operations, permitting more time in the field

X-FIRE Uses Within Conservation Enforcement

Agnovi X-FIRE is currently helping compliance officers in investigations involving:

  • Fraudulent documents
  • Illegal dumping
  • Illegal water and sewer discharge
  • Misapplication of manure to farm fields
  • Open burning of waste
  • Poaching and global trafficking of endangered species
  • Out-of-season hunting and fishing
  • Protection of ocean waters
  • Non-compliance with environmental standards and regulations

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