Enterprise Investigation Software

How X-FIRE Transformed my Workflow

By Agnovi on 28 June 19 Enterprise Investigation Software

Author: Sherry B., Investigator, Police Oversight If you are like me, you take pride in your work. Productivity and efficiency are two of your top values. As a former investigator …

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X-FIRE, What’s New in 2016

Agnovi has been working hard to extend X-FIRE in many areas while supporting client-specific requirements including: historical data transfers third-party software integrations custom interface and report formats Specifically, Agnovi has: …

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Case Management Doctrine for Law Enforcement

By Agnovi on 11 July 13 Enterprise Investigation Software

Case Management is a doctrine for the successful conduct of any type of investigation. There is a belief when talking about “Case Management” that it relates solely to the application …

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