Case Management Doctrine for Law Enforcement

By Agnovi on 11 July 13 Enterprise Investigation Software

Case Management is a doctrine for the successful conduct of any type of investigation. There is a belief when talking about “Case Management” that it relates solely to the application of electronic data processing systems. Although very important, case management software is simply a component of the case management doctrine.

The complexity of modern investigations, the state of jurisprudence and the trend towards accountability of investigative practices demands that investigative bodies maintain a systematic and thorough approach to their work.

Part of the case management methodology focuses on the “Coordinated Investigative Team” and at the center of that methodology, is the “Investigative Triangle” (see image below).

The selection of qualified individuals by organizations to fulfill the roles of Team Commander, Primary Investigator and File Coordinator, is crucial for the implementation of case management principles and ultimately for the success of any investigative undertaking. The development of unambiguous policy and standards will be the means by which investigative success will be met.

The command structure with one person clearly in charge of, and accountable for, the overall direction of the investigation is the key element to the “Case Management Model”.



Case management systems (computer software packages which provide for automated case management) must be easy-to-use and allow investigators to leverage information on a daily basis. This approach depends on a series of principles, including managerial accountability, proper delegation of responsibilities and consistent standards for investigative procedures supported by the system itself.

Agnovi Corporation understands the complexities of case management and has dedicated itself to manufacture an easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective case management solution, allowing organizations and their investigators to meet their case management requirements.

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