Law Enforcement Related Materials

The Benefits that Technology can provide to Law Enforcement Agencies

By Agnovi on 26 October 13 Law Enforcement Related Materials

Technology has made life more convenient and enjoyable for the average person. Innovations trickle into every element of society as technological advancement continues to accelerate.  However, with all the good …

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“Good to Great: Policing” – A PERF Report

By Agnovi on 24 October 13 Law Enforcement Related Materials

“In his best-selling book Good to Great, Jim Collins gives business executives advice about how to push their companies from ‘merely good’ to the rarefied world of greatness. This PERF …

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Book Excerpt on Benefits of Investigative Software for Law Enforcement and Public Safety

By Agnovi on 12 July 13 Law Enforcement Related Materials

For further reading, please refer to: Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices Chapter 5: Corporate Investigations on a Netbook, pages 186-187 Eamon P . Doherty CRC Press 2012 X-FIRE (INCIDENT MANAGEMENT …

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Case Management Doctrine for Law Enforcement

By Agnovi on 11 July 13 Law Enforcement Related Materials

Case Management is a doctrine for the successful conduct of any type of investigation. There is a belief when talking about “Case Management” that it relates solely to the application …

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