X-FIRE, What’s New in 2016

Agnovi has been working hard to extend X-FIRE in many areas while supporting client-specific requirements including:

  • historical data transfers
  • third-party software integrations
  • custom interface and report formats

Specifically, Agnovi has:

  • Conducted various data transfers handling years of law enforcement case information while ensuring optimal X-FIRE performance
  • Integrated with public complaint systems allowing investigative clients to fully manage the investigative process from information intake to court referral, all within a single system
  • Developed client-specific reports, including custom court brief formats and metrics reports
  • Integrated with and developed client-specific user authentication mechanisms

Through the natural expansion of its core software, and its client-specific integrations, Agnovi has closed feature gaps while continuing to offer comprehensive and world-class investigative and law enforcement case management software solutions.

News: “In its first week online the new system cut intake processing time in half – putting fraud reports into the hands of investigators much faster.” [Texas Department of Insurance – watch their video]