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By Agnovi on 11 September 19 Criminal Intelligence Database Software

Agnovi’s REX Software provides the complete investigative solution for criminal intelligence and investigative software for jails, and implements guideline 28 CFR Part 23.

Criminal intelligence, in its most basic form, is the gathering of information through various means such as interrogations, surveillance, and confidential informants. The information is recorded and collated, then analyzed, assessed for reliability, and verified. The information then becomes the “criminal intelligence”, and is reported for future use, follow-up, or distribution.

In the prison setting, such intelligence may be used in three primary ways: 1) tactically, to support the arrest and prosecution of an alleged offender; 2) to assist in long-term planning such as decisions regarding the deployment of limited resources; and 3) to enable a proactive approach by identifying patterns and preventing crime.

REX Investigation and Criminal Intelligence Database Software for corrections enables the most effective way of applying criminal intelligence: by first recording it, then “mining it” for specific information. It is a comprehensive tool to gather and store information such as:

  • Photos, personal details, descriptions and unique characteristics of inmates;
  • Knowledge about gangs, rings, and confidential informants;
  • Incident locations, details, and participants; and
  • Tips, complaints, and observations.

The user may then use REX to link entities and events, produce relationship and timeline charts, and attach documentary or other evidence. This facilitates easy retrieval for the assessment and verification stage. Case, entity or event reports, for example, may then be easily generated and produced.

REX also provides scalability, Web-based security, allows users to audit usage activity and manage record retention, and more…


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