Agnovi REX v2.0 – Investigation Software for Small Teams

Use REX by Agnovi to effectively manage investigations! Trials available.

Agnovi is excited to announce the release of REX v2.0. We added many practical features making this release a complete investigative solution for small teams.

REX increases efficiencies in the areas of:

  • Investigation Management
  • Intelligence Management
  • Occurrence Management (e.g. Tips, Complaints, Observations)
  • Reporting (e.g. Court Reporting, Management Reporting)

REX allows users to:

  • Manage investigations, intelligence probes and distinct incidents
  • Document and link entities and events
  • Produce relationship and timeline charts
  • Add file attachments, search the database, and set alerts
  • Audit usage activity and manage record retention
  • Output reports with the click of a button

REX v2.0 was enhanced to include:

  • Narrative functions including bold, italics, headings, lists, hyperlinks and spellchecking
  • Redaction of sensitive information at data entry time
  • Retention management capabilities in support of file and entity-based retention rules
  • Automated entity merge functionality
  • Bulk attachment upload for up to 100 files at once
  • Description searching for person and vehicle records
  • Geo-coordinate export capabilities
  • And much more…

Contact Agnovi Corporation for additional information OR a live demonstration of
REX Investigation Software for Small Teams. TRIALS ARE AVAILABLE.
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