Todd Andrea

Todd Andrea is a founding partner of Agnovi Corporation and became Chief Executive Officer in May 2007. He previously served as Director of Operations for four years. In his current role, Mr. Andrea is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans and corporate policies. Since assuming the role of CEO, Mr. Andrea has guided the expansion of Agnovi’s customer base to include federal enforcement agencies in three continents. Prior to joining Agnovi, Mr. Andrea worked at the Canada Border Services Agency where he managed a collection of inter-related national security software applications that together supported over 4,000 users across Canada. For 5 years, Mr. Andrea studied at St. Francis Xavier University receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration (1995 – Major in Accounting) and a Bachelor of Information Systems (1996 – Dean’s List graduate).

Mr. Andrea maintains an excellent track record overseeing client-specific customization, integration and data transfer projects, ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget and meeting original goals.

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